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Simmons regularly recieves lots of fan mail, comments from celebrities, mentions in newspapers and magazines, name drops in press conferences and political debates, inclusions in song lyrics and all sorts of other compliments from well known people and famous icons so we decided to make a little tribute wall. We feel that Simmons is an incredible place and it seems like lots of others tend to agree. By now i'm sure you will be fully aware we are not one to blow our own trumpet...

"Had a BALL last night, this place is KICKING. What a TEAM, Nick and Elliot are both STUDS, they've really PULLED THEIR SOCKS UP since last time and they allowed us some EXTRA TIME and didn't BOOT us out until after 3AM...I even managed to SCORE!"

"MAGICAL time, SPELLBINDING CONCOCTIONS, DJ played my favourite song ABRACADABRA and I even managed to get a girl to touch my MAGIC WAND."

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"This place has the X-FACTOR, the guys behind the bar have really GOT TALENT, they're my IDOLS. Simmons passed the AUDITION...This bar is only going in ONE DIRECTION!"




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"I guarantee you the more you drink the more charming you'll find the venue"

"It’s like a house party in the living room of an eccentric aunt!"

"Go for vintage cocktails at the refurbished Simmons Bar in King's Cross"

"Downstairs you’ll find a quirky den decked out as an old fashioned living room with vintage game consoles (yup we’re talking SEGA megadrives!!!)"

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"This quirky watering hole is a gem of a bar"

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0207 377 1843

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"After work drinks? Get involved in their INSANE happy hour."

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